Reader Problems | A.K.A Every Bookworm’s Nightmare

Hey guys!

We readers all have those painful, frustrating, or just plain heart-breaking problems. Also known as #readerproblems. Since I’ve lately been experiencing a number of these, I decided to write a post about some of them! I apologize in advance, as this is about to get super ranty. Continue reading “Reader Problems | A.K.A Every Bookworm’s Nightmare”

7 Reasons Under-Hyped Books are the Literal Best

Not gonna lie, reading a book that everybody is in love with is great. It’s easy to jump into a discussion, awesome to hear that other people share your feels, and it just makes you feel included. BUT! Never underestimate the power of a not-so-popular novel! (Even though I most definitely do sometimes.) Here are seven reasons why I love underrated reads:

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A Study in Charlotte| Every Mystery Should Be Like This

Title: A Study in Charlotte

Author: Brittany Cavallaro

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

Published: March 1st, 2016

Publisher: Katherine Teagan Books

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

GIF Rating:



I finished this about twenty minutes ago and I’m still just… wow.

I haven’t read a mystery in a really long time mostly because I never find the right one. It’s either too horror-y or too tame. Or it’s the perfect balance, but the murderer is so obvious that I might as well flip to the back just to read the full explanation. Or the murderer is so far-fetched that it really doesn’t even make sense. But this book. This book… Continue reading “A Study in Charlotte| Every Mystery Should Be Like This”


Hey bookworms!

Okay, so this is my first official post on my blog! I’ve never done this before so I’m a little nervous but also super excited!

This is the part where I talk about what’s going to be on this blog, right? Well… I don’t know. It’s all going to be very bookish. Tags, Wrap-Ups, Reviews, Discussions, and I guess anything else that pops into my head!

I love books, so, so much. I read Young Adult, specifically. I also love, writing, movies (especially Marvel), piano, dominoes, backgammon, oranges, Tollhouse Cookie Dough, and everything Harry Potter.

I’ve had a bookstagram for just about a year and then I finally worked up the courage to start my blog *squeeee*. I hope you guys enjoy!

Stay bookish,