Blogger Things I Don’t Do

I’m slowly approaching my eight-month blogiversary! YAY!!


“Jordyn. Eight months? That’s kind of a random number!” Yes it is! But you’ll only be able to find out why eight months is so symbolic in the actual blogiversary post! Get psyched for that. I know it’ll keep you up at night.

Anyway, I thought I’d celebrate this upcoming milestone by talking about all the blogger things that I just don’t do! #NOSHAME. Okay… maybe a little bit of shame for some these. I could give you some advice, but honestly, if you do these things that I don’t do, you’ll probably become way more successful then I have been. You’re welcome!

Of course, this in no way makes me better than anyone else (although I obviously am). It’s just a way to show my laziness creativity as a blogger! #SORRYNOTSORRY


What’s that? Kidding. I know what Bloglovin’ is. In fact, when I first started up my blog, I got an account to be all blog-savvy. Unfortunately… I haven’t used it since. Truthfully, I don’t think I can commit to another social media outlet. Plus, I’m a little too lazy to learn how it works.

2. Consistently posting/Keeping to a schedule

Yeah, this is the one that I have a little bit of #shame for. I really do try! And a schedule might work for about a month, but then I procrastinate, and forget to refill my drafts and everything falls apart! Apologies, bibliophiles. I’m still – eight months later – trying to find my groove.

3. Check my blog stats

I mean, I do. I think almost everyone does. I just got a lot of likes and comments on my page? Awesome! I hit 100 followers? LIFE IS BRIGHT. (Thanks for that, by the way!) But I don’t analyze my stats. I don’t say “Hmm, my discussion posts seem to get more hits than my reviews, so maybe I should write more discussion posts.”

It’s not for any particular reason. Half the time my stats look pretty random to me, and end up being higher when I get into those modes of consistent posting. Of course, if you love to check you stats, keep on keeping on! Power to you!


4. Write a whole lot of reviews

To be precise, I have written a grand total of four book reviews in my existence as a book blogger (here’s a link to those, because I know you’re interested). It’s actually kind of strange, because my first ever post was a review. I think the reason I have so few of them is because I genuinely don’t think I write good reviews. I’m of course trying to work on that, not only because it’s an important skill to have as a blogger, but also because I want to boost more diverse and #ownvoices books that I read. I hope to post more reviews in the future!

5. Get ARCs!

Well, not physical ones anyway. I’m actually a little backed up when it comes to my Netgalley arcs. What they say is true: don’t enter the blogging game just for the ARCs. I’ll admit, when I started my blog, ARCs were definitely a motivator for me. I won’t lie! I dreamt of getting packages upon packages of ARCs. That publishers would be dying to send me stuff by the time I hit eight months.

BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG. But! It doesn’t lessen my love of blogging at all! ARCs may have been a big motivator for me, but don’t worry, Blogging, I still love you!


6. Keep my posts professional

Yeah, right. You did see the plethora of GIFs above, right? And the cringey hashtags?? Plus, I like to throw in some sarcasm when I can.

Once again, whether or not you do these things, does not measure your worth as a blogger! When I first started blogging, I thought I’d need to do all of these things in order to be successful, in order to love it.

You don’t. Trust me. As long as you love it, it’ll show through in your posts. Don’t believe what the man tells you. There are no DON’T’S to blogging. There are only DO’S. As in DO WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT. No requirements, except having a whole lot of fun. I know it’s the most confusing thing to hear, but it really is the most truthful.

Maybe you don’t want to write a lot of reviews, or have a Bloglovin’, or keep a consistent schedule. You can still be a blogger. Do whatever your heart desires, bibliophiles. I believe in you!


So I guess this did get a little bit advice-y. Hopefully it was helpful!


What do you not do? What blogger things do you totally ignore? Or at least somewhat ignore? What blogger things do you think shouldn’t be ignored? Should I write an actual advice post? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Stay bookish,


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12 thoughts on “Blogger Things I Don’t Do

  1. Hahahaha!

    This is a little weird. I think I might have found my blog twin. I don’t do any of these either and my first post was a review, lol.

    I’ve however found a way to put my thoughts about a book together and I really hope it works (if my exams don’t kill me before then of course).

    Just found your blog and I love it.

    Do you, babe. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reading this I felt like I was reading a post about myself 😂😂 My schedule is having no schedule and I rarely check my stats, or post reviews either which is SUPER IRONIC considering the word “reviews” is in my blog name, ahahaha. Loved this post! I think it really shows that everyone goes about blogging differently and there’s not really one set way to do things. Congrats on 8 months and here’s to many more 🎉💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This post is really funny. I enjoyed it a lot. There is so many ways to approach blogging and it’s super important to find your own groove and I think it does really take a while. Everyone’s approach to blogging is so different and unique and that’s what I love about it, there really is something for everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahh this is post is too funny! I miss seeing your posts regularly! As you know, I don’t really do any of those things either, (except for Bloglovin’, I’m trying to get into that more). There’s definitely not one way to be a “good” blogger, truthfully I feel like I’m just too lazy to do serious stuff like analyze stats or keep to a regular schedule. I haven’t even gotten into Netgalley yet, but maybe I’ll do it soon? Who knows ;D

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  5. I love this post! I also don’t do many of these things. I know that if I tried to keep to rigid or high standards, or forced myself to write posts I don’t have much enthusiasm for because they fit the book blog mold, I’d lose interest quickly or burn out. I personally started my blog because I love writing reviews, and I sometimes wonder if I post *too* many reviews and not enough lists or whatnot, but then I think- reviews are what I like to write, so that’s what I’m going to post! No one’s making me blog but myself, and I want it to be fun and honest! And it’s like, I never look at other people’s blogs and think they post too much of one thing, or not enough of something else. So I totally agree with you- doing it simply because we love it is the best way to go, and our passion will be evident 🙂

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