My Dream Reading Room | Lots of Drooling

Don’t act like you’ve never imagined it – you totally have.

Do we all have our reading spots at home that are familiar to us? That we know and love? Of course we do. But, that does not discredit the fact that we have all dreamed of that perfect little nook – so custom made, it basically has your name carved into the side (depending on your aesthetic of course).

I’m writing this post sitting on the leather couch in my living room with the sound of my family chattering as my music and the blinds drawn. Not the most exciting reading, or writing environment. So what does my ideal reading nook look like? (Also! The pictures all provide links to where you can view more of these amazing objects!)

1. The Absolute Comfiest Couch

Of course, seating is the number one factor to whether or not reading is enjoyable. No one wants to be thinking about their sore behind during a particularly awesome fight scene. As such, I need the absolute softest, comfiest sofa imaginable. I really love L-shaped couches that have that space to stretch out your legs. Heaven. I can’t get into my book if my legs are all scrunched up with nowhere to go. The sectional sofas on Arhuas are swoon-worthy.


2. Lots and Lots of Light

None of this “read by the candlelight” stuff. I want lots of natural light to flood my dream room. But, since I often love to read deep into the night when vampires aren’t even awake (unless I’m feasting on a paranormal romance, of course) I need some artsy lamps. And who doesn’t love floor lamps? Their neat, fancy, and tasteful all at once.



3. Coffee and End Tables

Where else am I going to place my plethora of mugs? Plus, don’t tell me you don’t love propping your feet up on the coffee table (no matter how many times your parents may have told you not to)?


4. Bookshelves

Of course, bookshelves. I mean, this is a book blog, right? I’ve had the same shelves since before I can even remember, and as my parents love to remind me, it is in perfect condition and therefore, I do not need a new one. Awesome. But a girl can dream. And I am dreaming about these bookshelves from Arhaus. Cue a million heart-eye emojis because I want this bookshelf so much.


So that is a taste of my dream reading nook! I’m definitely into this white-washed look for the dream space. Sitting on those sectional sofas, reading, without any responsibilities… *sigh*. If only. Who knew furniture could be so wonderful?

Did I make you drool with any of this furniture? What are your must-haves for a reading nook? Where do you like to read at home? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Stay bookish,



11 thoughts on “My Dream Reading Room | Lots of Drooling

  1. Yes! I absolutely MUST be nearby my overflowing reading shelf while I read! My kitten is always nearby scratching my favorite comfy reading chair. I usually like to have the windows open and listen to the hums and voices outside, it gives a somewhat quaint atmosphere to my reading (I live in a pretty busy neighborhood, eek).
    Great discussion post!
    Happy reading 🙂

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  2. I always read in bed, cause I’m lazy! I like to have a lot of space, where I can fidget and be comfortable in different positions. My grandma used to have a really comfy rocking chair that I would sit and read in before she got up. But my dream? A hidden room that’s actually filled with books and has a window seat!! So magical. ❤

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  3. This is so cool! L shaped sofas are perfect for lying down on. My dream reading nook would have a kettle for making tea/hot chocolate and a snacks cupboard because READING + SNACKS FOREVER. I would also want floor to ceiling windows ❤

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