SAVE THE DATE: Ask Me Questions for My Upcoming Blogiversary

So it’s almost been a year.

That’s… wild. It really has flown by, but that’s probably because I was pretty inactive for the first six months blogging is just so much fun!


Not only am I approaching my 1 year blogiversary, but I also just hit 200 followers on this blog! Which is a bit of a miracle considering most of the time:


NEVERTHELESS, I have reached this milestone and I am just so thankful and grateful and a lot of other sentimental fluff that will be in the actual blogiversary post.

Which I want to be a kind of Q&A type thing. This is the part where you, my dutiful follower and if you’re not a follower then what are you doing tap that follow button come in. You ask me questions! And I give you answers!

Some guidelines: there aren’t really any! You can ask about my blog/blogging experience, my reading preferences, my opinions about things, my life, etc.! So if you have a question or you just feel like enabling me comment it down below so that I can answer it in the blogiversary post soon!

I’ll also have a Pinned Tweet on my twitter account, so if you’d prefer to comment the question on there, feel free to do so!

Thank you and, as always, stay bookish,


Comment with your questions!

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14 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATE: Ask Me Questions for My Upcoming Blogiversary

  1. Congrats on reaching a year and 200 followers 🎉🎉 So great!

    Some questions:
    What’s been something about blogging that you didn’t expect when you started a year ago?
    Is there a genre you don’t usually read but want to try more?
    Some things you love besides reading?

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  2. Blogiversary and Q&A post?! I can’t wait! Here are my questions: + favorite ice cream flavor? + are you a Hamilton fan? + favorite memes? and + author or editor?

    Also! Congrats on the 200 followers! *throws confetti*

    anna | annaish

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