What Determines When I Read a Book?

Fantastic question!

We all have those books that we avoid all eye contact with because they’ve been on our shelves for a millennia (give or take a few centuries) and the guilt is gnawing at us.

But there are also those books that we buy and read immediately. How come?

The obvious answer is that we want to read it more – but I don’t think that’s true. For example, I read Under Rose-Tainted Skies pretty much the day it came out. It’s a book that I was pretty excited for.

But, When Dimple Met Rishi – the book that everyone, including me, and their mother is screaming about – has been sitting on my shelf since May. Why is that?

1. Mood

This is the biggest, most glaring answer. Not everyone is a mood reader, but I totally am. There are times when I want to read a cutesy contemporary or swashbuckling sci-fi, and there are times when I’d rather read realistic fiction or urban fantasy.

So if I buy a book that doesn’t fit what I’m in the mood to read right that second, it ends up being shelved for a bit.

2. Current Reading Situation

I find that when I buy a book or when it arrives in the mail, and I’ve just finished something and haven’t picked up something new yet, I’ll be more likely to just read it to 1) avoid adding it to that mountainous TBR and 2) because new books are shiny and exciting.

3. Review Schedule

This is more on the blogger side of things, but a lot of us have a schedule for our ARCs or books sent to us from publishers, or just books we want to review while they’re fresh on the market! This can make us push back books that aren’t urgent.

4. Life Schedule

This is probably the biggest factor for me. I think a lot about what I’m going to read with what I’m currently up to.
I’m not gonna dive into an encyclopedia of a book if I know I have a huge test to cram for. Or if I’m traveling, I’m not going to read a book I really need to focus on – I’ll pack for simplistic reading material.

5. Book Format

This might just be me, but I often plan what to read based on exactly what it is I’m reading: hardcover, paperback, ebook, thin, thick, etc.

Reading ebooks while in school can be difficult with a school policy that barely allows us to use our phones while in the building. I usually reserve ebooks for weekends and holidays if I can. If not, I’ll read a paperback or hardback simultaneously so I have something to read at school.

I’m also not a fan of lugging a 600 page hardcover around in my school bag – if only to save myself the backache – so I’ll avoid those during the week as well.

So those are the main factors that decide when I read a book. Thinking about them makes it (slightly) easier to pick my next read out of my TBR pile – especially since the school year has just started and I can already feel my reading life being flushed down the toilet.

What determines when you guys read a book? Do you agree/live by my reasons, or do you swear by others? Tell me in the comments!

Stay bookish,


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13 thoughts on “What Determines When I Read a Book?

  1. I’m a huge mood reader as well. There are some books on my shelves that I was SO excited for when I bought them (and still am), but I still haven’t picked them up. I’m worried that if I do pick them up while I’m not in the mood for them, I won’t enjoy them as much. I don’t want that to ruin myexperience!

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  2. I am a massive mood reader. I might have over twenty books on my kindle but if I don’t have the exact right one to read right now I’ll buy something else. Also I have dozens of books that I need to read right now and I’m so excited for but…. I haven’t? It’s actually really fustrating! Because I know if i read something when I’m not feeling it I won’t enjoy it as much as I want to.

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