Love Triangles and My Burning Hatred of Them | Trope Tuesday

Not to beat a dead horse, but we need to talk about this.

First off, let me start by introducing the meme! Trope Tuesdays is a blog meme created by the fabulous A.J. over at Lacy Literacy. The objective is to discuss a trope that you love, hate, or just want to talk about! (On a Tuesday, hence the name). For my first Trope Tuesday, I thought I’d discuss the one that eats at me the most… the love triangle.


We all have tropes we dislike, that are minor annoyances, that we can push past if we feel like it. No such thing exists for me and the love triangle. 

This is one of the only tropes in existence that will 100% keep me from picking up a book, all on its own.

Which, to be fair, is a little narrow-minded on my part – but what can I say? It’s a huge pet peeve. Unless someone can convince me that the book is fabulous despite its love triangle, or, better yet, that the love triangle is done well (if that’s possible) I won’t even consider giving it a shot.

I’m sorry, but it is just so hard for me to believe that you can be in love with two people, at the same time, equally. Also, at the same time, have two people be in love with you. Enough to… fight over you? And for you to let them?


Also, the desperation of the love interests… yikes. I mean, I get that they want the person that they love to pick them, but… have some respect for yourself? Whenever a love interest walks away from a protagonist that’s treating them like crap, I do a mini happy dance. I don’t want to watch, throughout the whole novel, them grovelling to have the protagonist’s time of day.

pick me choose me love me

I think that’s what irks me the most, having a protagonist ping-pong between two people for the entirety of the story and have said people be totally cool with it because they are just so, so devoted to the main character. I don’t have the stamina for that.

Have you guys read my new memoir? It’s titled: A Love Triangle That Isn’t Really A Love Triangle Because We All Know Who You’re Going to End Up With So Why Are We Wasting Our Time. This bothers me even in books that I love. If we know that the protagonist is going to pick Jimmy, why are we wasting three hundred pages deliberating between him and John?


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need that extra romance subplot. Examples for reference: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (and P.S. I Still Love You because #PeterK for life), Meant to Be, The Upside of Unrequited. (Though I love three of those books!)

I avoid most books containing love triangles, but that isn’t to say that they’re all awful! Some of the ones I enjoy that have not been mentioned thus far: The Selection (aka one of my favorite books in existence for reasons I don’t completely understand), Wings… that’s all I can think of? I’M SURE THERE’S MORE.

Not all love triangles are the scum of the earth, but if I like a love triangle book, it’s as close as this world gets to a miracle. In summary:


What do you guys think of love triangles? Hate them, love them, want to throw them into a pit of fire – or is that just me? What love triangle books to you hate? Which ones do you like? (Because I clearly need recs in this department!) Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Stay bookish,


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7 thoughts on “Love Triangles and My Burning Hatred of Them | Trope Tuesday

  1. Ugh I also don’t like this trope. But most of the time, I dislike it because the mc just spend so much time thinking who should they choose while the world is burning around them. Like, I’m sorry, but the world does not care who do you end up with. And yeah, most of the time it’s already so obvious who the mc will end up with and it’s such a waste of time reading 5 books to get to that point!

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  2. Love this discussion! I can’t agree more on how many meaningless pages we’ve read when we know which one the MC is going to end up with. I used to love this trope, but seeing as how most of these books have the same formula, it starts to piss me off. However, I think it’s acceptable when the love triangle isn’t the main point of the story, e.g. The Hunger Games.


  3. Great discussion!! I’d love a character who finds themself in a love triangle and just straight up rejects it, like they realize they have competition or two people love them and they’re just like NOPE and quit before any drama happens or anyone gets hurt, lol. That’s probably the only kind of love triangle I’d be interested in anymore. And I actually had three friends who were involved in a love triangle in real life, and it was THE WORST and it severed friendships and was generally just horrible, so it’s safe to say I’ve had my fill of love triangles.


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