Why I’ve Been Avoiding Anthologies | Book Discussion

I’ve hardly picked up any YA anthologies.

When I first started to enjoy reading, it wasn’t because of short stories. It was because of full-length chapter books like Holes or Nancy Drew. I only really began to understand the concept, structure, and amazingness of short stories when I began to take creative writing classes at school.

Around the same time, I started to become aware of more YA anthologies. I was curious and intrigued, especially since there were some pretty big author collaborations, and content from authors who barely had any books published (like Nicola Yoon! I’m always desperate for more Nicola Yoon content). 

Why I still haven’t read many of them

And yet, with all this excitement, I’ve yet to pick up too many of them. It’s not that there’s a shortage on my shelves. Between my sister’s copies of My True Love Gave to Me and Summer Days and Summer Nights, and my copy of Meet Cute, there are definitely enough of them to go around.

I think a part of it is daunting. Anthologies aren’t usually super long, but the idea of having to consume so many different stories from a bunch of different voices is intimidating.

More than this, though, the main reason that I haven’t made a habit of reading anthologies is that I don’t want to get sucked into the stories only to be yanked out. I’ve had to read a lot of short stories in my writing and feedback classes, and the moment that they come to an end often leads me desperate for more.

Having to read a story from one of my favorite authors and having the characters go away after just a few chapters with no hope of return is heartbreaking. I’m not used to reading YA short stories, and having to say goodbye to characters I love so soon? I’ve been avoiding it at all costs. 

What’s next?

After some self-reflection while writing this post, I’ve realized that these worries and reservations are a little silly. I haven’t tried enough anthologies to truly form a solid opinion on them. Plus, there are SO many on my TBR that I just continue to avoid for fear of not liking them.

So what if I find out I’m not an anthology person? Then at least I won’t waste money buying books that I may someday be ready to look into. It’s time to give anthologies the good ol’ college try and then go from there. 

In fact, I actually first wrote this post way back in December, before I picked up Snow in Love, a holiday anthology featuring Nicola Yoon, Melissa de la Cruz, Kasie West, and Aimee Friedman. Not only did I end up giving it four stars, but it also introduced me to two new authors who I’d never read from before.

Plus, the great thing about anthologies is that you get a wide variety of perspectives, which is especially intriguing in diverse anthologies like A Thousand Endings and Beginnings or Black Enough.

Snow in Love had a diverse band of stories: a snowstorm roadtrip, a Jewish girl working as a Christmas elf, a retelling, and an f/f romance between two black girls.

Reading from a number of different viewpoints is one of the coolest things about being a reader.

My anthology tbr

All that being said, here are some anthologies that have been on my TBR that I’ll hopefully get to this year.

That’s it for this post! How do you feel about anthologies? Do you love them, or avoid them at all costs? Any recommendations of your favorite ones? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Stay bookish,


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6 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Avoiding Anthologies | Book Discussion

  1. I think all the anthologies I’ve read were 3-star reads for me. There are usually a few stories that stand out, some meh stories and some I just,, really don’t like haha. It made me really hesitant to pick up new anthologies. I don’t think they’re really for me, which is such a shame because there are some really cool ones out there!


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