Will These Crossover Ships Sink or Swim?

Romance is a pretty big deal in YA.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that almost all YA books have some sort of romantic subplot. So what happens when those couples get shaken up a little bit?

Yeah, sure, Valentine’s Day could be used to celebrate all the great couples that we already have… or the ones that we could have if we only thought outside of the box (or rather, the book.)

I was inspired by this Epic Reads post where you could vote on which character ships from different universes you think would work and which ones wouldn’t.

But since this isn’t a democracy in any way, shape, or form (lucky you), I wanted to list some crossover couples of my own that would swim and others that would sink to the bottom of the ocean, Titanic-style.

Chris from The Hate U Give + Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Here’s the thing with this couple: Peter has already shown us that he would do anything to hold on to Lara Jean. But, hypothetically, if Peter were to die a fiery death, would Chris and Lara Jean work?

Doubt it. I don’t think Lara Jean knows enough about music or The Fresh Prince to satisfy Chris, and Lara Jean’s obsession with aesthetics and pretty notes and contracts would probably irritate her new boyfriend.

Verdict: Sunk.

Addy from One of Us is Lying + Daniel from The Sun is Also a Star

I’m a little torn with this one. On the one hand, Addy is very impulsive, and Daniel has a good head on his shoulders and could definitely steer her in the right direction.

On the other hand, I think all of Daniel’s talk about true love would make Addy want to rip his poems to pieces. I also can’t see these two with a whole lot of chemistry.

Verdict: Sunk.

Nathan from This is Kind of an Epic Love Story + Ben from What if It’s Us

Yes, yes, yes. Yes. This would totally work.

They’re both writers! Struggling writers, at times, and they could totally relate/help each other! Nathan has trouble opening up to people, and honestly so does Ben, so maybe they could encourage each other to do that a little bit more? Or maybe the lack of communication will be multiplied by 100. Whoops. Either way, I’m going with my gut.

Verdict: Shipped.

Thomas from Stalking Jack the Ripper + America from The Selection

Taking it back to 2012 with The Selection (which, if you didn’t know, is very near and dear to my heart.)

Oddly? I can see this working. America is kind of like Audrey Rose – they’re both headstrong and stubborn. I can see Thomas being fascinated by America and why she isn’t affected by his charms whatsoever. Let’s face it, even if she did like him, she’d be way to stubborn to admit it. Maxon knows this well.

Verdict: Shipped.

Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles + Sharhzad from The Wrath and the Dawn

No. Just no. I don’t even need to think about this one.

Here’s the thing: Thorne would try to charm the socks off of Sharhzad. And while that may work for Thomas and America, it definitely won’t work for these two, because Sharhzad wouldn’t care about Thorne’s looks or his wit. She’d probably banish him from the palace after a few hours of annoying her.

I just think the two would be like oil and water. It’s like if Sharhzad ended up with Jalal at the end of the duology – that’s a big, fat no.

Verdict: Sunk. So hard.

Anna from Anna and the French Kiss + Josh from Isla and the Happily Ever After

This is a crossover couple that exist in the same universe (and in the same book!) I don’t know, though. Even though Anna and Josh get along just fine as friends… could they work as a couple?

It’s difficult to imagine Josh with anyone else because him and Isla are just too cute! (The ending to Isla still has me shook, honestly. THE SWOON.) I just can’t really imagine Anna and Josh having a conversation that lasted for more than ten minutes. Anna would think Josh was way too broody for a senator’s son.

Verdict: Sunk.

Jesper from Six of Crows + Nev from The Disasters

These characters are both similar in a lot of ways. They’ve made a lot of mistakes, made a lot of attempts to cover up their mistakes, and ended up having to trust the people around them.

Nev loves flying, Jesper loves shooting, together, they’re unstoppable. I don’t think they’re the go-the-distance type of couple. Their personalities are just too similar for that. But I think they would have a lot of fun while it lasted!

Verdict: Shipped.

That’s what I have for you guys today! This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t want to break up any of the ships from the original books, but life, and love, is sacrifice, I guess.

Happy Valentine’s Day (and International Book Giving Day!), from me to you!

Which of these couples do you think would sink? Swim? What’s crossover coupling that you think would end in celebration or disaster? Do you disagree with any of my verdicts? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Stay bookish,


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