Summer Cleaning: Books I’m Finally Unhauling

Today, I’m cleansing my bookshelves.

I have one bookshelf in my room, and it’s starting to really fill up. As such, it’s time for another unhaul.

I’ve talked about some tips to unhauling your books on my blog before, but it’s been a while since I’ve practiced what I’ve been preaching. So, I figured I’d use some common excuses us bookworms make for keeping a book to pick apart my shelves a little bit. For each excuse, I inserted a book from my shelf that fits under that category that I am finally saying goodbye to.

I’m not saying you have to an unhaul the books that fit into these categories, but it might be a good idea to re-evaluate whether you really need it, especially if you’re already looking to free up some bookshelf real estate.

“But the cover is so beautiful!”

Listen, I get it, it’s a nice addition to your shelves. But I promise, there are other, beautiful books out there that you’ll love inside and out. Make space on your shelves for those.

For this excuse, I’m going to be unhauling Queen of Hearts. Folks, I DNFed this book three years ago. THREE. I didn’t even hit the halfway mark before deciding that the writing and the MC were too annoying. But the aesthetic of the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Still, I haven’t even thought of this book in at least six months, so… gotta go. I’ll also be letting go of Wink Poppy Midnight because even though the cover is mesmerizing… what is this book even about?

“I didn’t love it, but that doesn’t mean it has to go!”

This is absolutely true. Not every book on my shelf is a five, four, or even three star book. But it’s also good to let go of the books you didn’t rate very highly and also forgot about very easily. If there are no good memories – or even strong ones – attaching you to this book, why do you still have it?

Ask yourself: If this book just disappeared from my shelf one day, would I ever notice it was gone?

“i might read it some day!”

Okay but… will you really? That book that’s been on your shelf for three years? Will you really?

There are very few books, if any, that I had on my shelf for over two years that I then read and said “Wow, I’m so glad I held onto this for all that time.” Set yourself free! Yeah, maybe you’ll read it in five years, but is it going to change your life? Is it worth keeping on your shelf all that time? Chances are, nope.

“i spent money on this thing!”

I mean, yeah, you did, but is that enough of a reason to let it collect dust on your shelf? You gonna torture yourself into reading it cause you dropped a twenty on it two years ago? It’s great value your money, but it’s a moot point if you keep a book for years just out of principle.

“it’s an arc!”

This is definitely the most difficult decision to make because you either (1) got this at an event, (2) received this from a publisher/author or (3) won it in a giveaway you entered. Regardless of the reason, you probably got it because you really wanted to review and generate hype for it before it releases.

Which is why I think it’s extra important to pass on an ARC you can’t see yourself reading in the near future, especially if it hasn’t released yet so that someone else out there can hype it up! If the book has released and you still haven’t read and don’t see yourself doing so, treat it like any other book and pass it along. Either ask your local library what you can do with them (they usually can’t shelve ARCs), stop by a nearby school and ask if they have any use for them, or do some research in your area on places you can drop them off at where they won’t be sold!

Look, I’m in no way telling you what books you can and cannot have on your shelf. I’m just here to give you a little nudge in the right direction if you find yourself unable to part with a book you know, deep down, you should probably give up.

Some of these books I’ve had on my shelf for years (*cough cough* Pretending to Be Erica) for one reason or another, so sometimes, it takes as long as it takes. However, I am happy to report that, though I didn’t mention all of them in this post, I ended up unhauling close to 20 books!

What books have you recently unhauled/want to get rid of? Why? Why has it taken you this long to let them go? Got any tips and tricks for undergoing an unhaul? How often do you unhaul your shelf? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Stay bookish,


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2 thoughts on “Summer Cleaning: Books I’m Finally Unhauling

  1. One challenge for me is books in a series. Some are better than others, and I know I can use the internet and in-book recaps to fill in the information from the purged volumes when I reread the great books in the series.


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