My 2020 Five-Star Predictions

My friends, every new year seems to bring new releases sweeter than the last.

I just love the YA genre right now, and every year it seems to grow stronger. Meaning that I am more hopeful than ever for plenty of 5 star reads in 2020.

I’ve split this list of books I think will be shining gems into two sections: books that are already on my shelf (meaning they’re already released and I just haven’t picked them up yet) and books that are 2020 releases that I have a great feeling about.

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Bookish Goals and Resolutions for 2020

I wasn’t planning on making any sort of “resolutions” post.

I definitely had some changes in mind for the new year, but I figured it didn’t really warrant an actual published post. But, I realized there’s no harm in speaking things into the universe, and writing my ideas down here may help me to remember them and make an effort. And perhaps you will find some inspiration in them as well!

Some of these resolutions are reading related, others are more blog related, but all of them are bookish in some way, shape, or form.

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