My 2020 Five-Star Predictions

My friends, every new year seems to bring new releases sweeter than the last.

I just love the YA genre right now, and every year it seems to grow stronger. Meaning that I am more hopeful than ever for plenty of 5 star reads in 2020.

I’ve split this list of books I think will be shining gems into two sections: books that are already on my shelf (meaning they’re already released and I just haven’t picked them up yet) and books that are 2020 releases that I have a great feeling about.

On the Come Up by angie thomas

Honestly, I feel so guilty that I still haven’t read this one. The Hate U Give was one of my favorite books of 2017 and yet here I sit! This has been on my shelf for SEVERAL months, despite the fact that I know I’m going to undoubtedly love it. Definitely want to try and get the audio of this as well, because I’ve heard it’s amazing!

Renegades by marissa meyer

I know that not everyone was a fan of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, but I remain a die-hard fan, even all these years later. Her ability to create characters with unique interactions and relationships has always impressed me, and I’ve heard really phenomenal things about this series. Plus, I just love the author’s writing.

Aurora Rising by amie kaufman and jay kristoff

Last month, I officially became the last person ever to read Obsidio because I thought it would be disappointing… HOW WRONG I WAS. I loved that finale. I love, love, love the Illuminae Files (seriously, cannot recommend enough), so I trust that this duo’s next series will be equally engrossing. My only worry is that since it’s losing the Illuminae format, it may not be as interesting, but I’ve always loved this pair’s writing, regardless.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by brigid kemmerer

You are not going to find a whole lot of fantasies on this list, just because they don’t catch my eye all that often. However, everything about this book’s premise has been pulling me in. It seems dark, maybe a little haunting, and after reading the first couple of chapters, I definitely feel hooked on the characters.

Serpent & Dove by shelby mahurin

Everyone and their mother loves this book. Had I not been trying to finish my Goodreads challenge as quickly as possible, I would’ve picked up this slightly longer fantasy in December. Still, I’m hoping to read this as soon as possible, because I’ve seen soooo many five star reviews for this book that it can’t be a coincidence. People have especially highlighted the romance, which is kind of my jam.

All Your Twisted Secrets by diana urban

I actually just found out about this book as I was making this post and it sounds so right up my alley. Gives me One of Us is Lying vibes with a dash of Agatha Christie, which I think will make for a pretty explosive combination. Nothing I love more than a YA mystery/thriller littered with secrets and deceit.

The Hand on the Wall by maureen johnson

I read Truly Devious this fall and picked up its sequel as soon as I was able. The cliffhangers are absolutely outrageous. I am so freaking excited to see how this one ends. The Vanishing Stair left me with so many questions, and, like the previous two novels, I have no doubt that The Hand on the Wall will totally destroy me.

the beholder by keira cass

Going back to my ROOTS with this one, folks. Kiera Cass’ The Selection series was one of the first YA series I ever read, and those books are definitely what got me into this entire genre. While they’re far from perfect, Maxon Schreave continues to live on in my heart. And now we’re getting a new book from the queen herself!! May 5th cannot come soon enough.

Time of Our Lives by emily wibberley and austin siegemund-broka

I feel like I am the only one who hasn’t read a book from Wibberley and Siegemund-Broka yet, but since I managed to score an ARC of this at YALLFest, I’m ready for that to change. This one follows two teens going on college tours, and since I myself am still in the midst of applications (bane of my existence), I’m looking forward to reading a book from this duo that revolves around my current situation.

My Calamity Jane by cynthia hand, brodi ashton, and jodi meadows

Have I screamed about how much I loved My Lady Jane yet? No? I LOVE MY LADY JANE! This author trio is absolutely hilarious. While the sequel was solid, it didn’t live up to the first book. But I think this finale will do the trick. It’s set in the Wild Wild West, which is pretty unique for YA. I am ready for a lot more laughs.

There you have it, the books I’m hoping to give five shining stars to in 2020! Maybe they won’t all reach the goal, but I’m definitely expecting all of these to be at least enjoyable reads.

What books do you anticipate giving five stars to this year? Have you read any of these and have strong feelings towards them? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Stay bookish,


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