Booktubeathon Mini Reviews | Feat. Want, Lara Jean, and One of Us is Lying

Okay, I’m sure you guys are tired of me talking about booktubeathon by now.

I promise, this is the last time I’ll mention it until next summer! I just read so many good books that week, and there’s no way I can write and post full length reviews for all of them. The perfect solution?? MINI REVIEWS.

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10 Books in 10 Words

Are you ever wondering if you should by a book and thinking, “Man, I think I’d like this book, but maybe I’d like it more if Jordyn gave me a ten word recommendation/review on it”? Of course you have, Imaginary Reader Inside My Head! Say no more!

I picked some random books off my shelf that I’ve read, and tried to write what I thought about them in ten words, nothing more, and nothing less. The stuff that really stood out for me once I’d finished it. As for spoilers, hmmm, a couple of them are a little spoilery, most are just silly, so I guess my advice is read at your own risk? 10 books, 10 words. Let the travesty begin.

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