Hi! My name is Jordyn! I’m the girl behind Jordz The Bibliophile!

So, you wanna know about me, huh? Well here are a few things:

  • I LOVE reading (duh.)
  • I have a blog! (also, duh.)
  • I play the piano.
  • I’m a professional procrastinator.
  • I love traveling and writing.
  • I’m currently in high school, and trying to survive the Florida humidity.
  • I use paint swatch samplers as bookmarks sometimes.
  • Harry Potter is my religion.
  • I’m prone to go into long, and excessive rants.
  • As much as I love talking about other people’s books, I’d love to publish one of my own some day.
  • In addition to books, I am also quite obsessed with TV shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, This is Us, Brooklyn 99, and I would LOVE to discuss them with you.
  • I’m a lot cooler on the internet than in real life (as you’ve probably already figured out).

You can always, always, always, message me, through my contact page, or my Instagram, Twitter, or even just right in the comments on one of my posts! Whether, it’s about books, or writing, or just what you had for breakfast, I LOVE talking to people and I promise I won’t bite!

You can connect with me on some other stuff, too!

Twitter: @jthebibliophile

Instagram: @jordz_the_bibliophile

Goodreads: Jordyn

Let’s be blog buddies!

My profile picture was taken by my lovely friend, Grace. 

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