The Olympics Book Tag

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been?) the Olympics start tomorrow! Personally, I’ve always loved watching the Olympic Games. The excitement, the anticipation, the patriotism, etc. And so, I thought, why not combine the Olympics with something even more amazing: reading!


I didn’t see any tag like this, but if you have, please don’t hesitate to tell me!

Ancient Greece: the book that started it all for you.

My answer always has been, and forever will be, Holes by Louis Sachar. I read this when I was in fourth grade and since then, I have been in love with books. Looking back on it, I’m not sure why I loved that particular book so much but I am just so grateful that I took it home from the library that day.

Opening Ceremony: a series that you love that has a lot of excitement and fanfare surrounding it.

I’m going with the standard response: Harry Potter. Especially now that the eighth book just came out and the play’s tickets just went on sale (I am super jealous of anyone that’s going!!!), Harry Potter just seems to be blowing up everywhere.

Hermione Excited

Gymnastics: a book full of twists and flips.

I spent most of Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken gasping and screaming at everything that was happening. Every time I though I knew what was going on, the story changed trajectory. Also, We Were Liars was pretty twisty at the end and made me very *sniff* emotional.

Wrestling: a book that you keep picking up and putting back down.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. I love, love, love Red Queen. It was one of my favorite books last year and it was the book that inspired me to start my bookstagram. And yet, every time I pick up the sequel, I put it back down. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like it, or maybe I’m just not in the mood, but it was one of my most anticipated releases of the year and now it just gathers dust on my shelf.

Track & Field: a book made up of a lot of parts.

The Wrath and the Dawn by RenΓ©e Ahdieh is written in third person and has a lot of different POVs from seemingly random people, until it comes together into a beautiful symphony of scenes. So many different events and characters make up this duology and it is wonderful.

James Franco.gif

Weightlifting: a book you have trouble picking up due to its size.

Don’t hate me but… *whispers* Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I read the first book and I enjoyed it. It was a solid four star read for me. But I know that this series gets a lot bigger. Literally, and figuratively. The most recent book is huge and the hype is even huger. I’ll get to it eventually! Hopefully…

Archery: a book that missed the mark for you.

Unfortunately, my pick is Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes. The premise for this book sounded really, really good (plus the cover is gorgeous). However, after a hundred pages, I bailed. And I generally finish books if I’ve started them, but this one I’m not sure I’ll give a second chance. I was expecting a kick-ass, empowering queen. But instead, I got a whiny, soft, love-struck, and overall annoying princess. If you loved it, please let me know, though!

Badminton: a lesser-known but equally amazing read.

Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon is one of my favorite books and deserves WAY more hype. It’s creative, imaginative, full of adventure and romance, funny, and exciting. Not to mention, it has incredibly swoony princes with Scottish accents! Highly, highly recommend!

Rowing: a book with an awesome team of characters.

For this one, I’m going with The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. If you’ve read this series, you KNOW what an amazing blend of characters make up the Rampion team. Especially in the final book, we see all these wonderful people kick butt together and it’s SO. MUCH. FUN.


Diving: a book that you easily jumped right into.

I was hooked on Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins after the first page. I stayed up until 2am on a Tuesday to read that book. Which I only slightly regretted at school the next day. I’m sure you’ve been recommended this book (and its companions) a dozen times already but let me add to that number: READ. THIS. BOOK.

Closing Ceremony: a book/series with a bittersweet ending.

The Siren by Kiera Cass. This book was incredible to me. It wasn’t centered around the romance which was quite a contrast to The Selection series. While there was romance, a lot of the love revolved around the principle of sisterhood and friendship. And the end… I won’t spoil anything but… woah. I was… emotional, to say the least.

Me too, Kurt.

And there is the completed tag!. I had a whole lot of fun doing this and it made me really excited for the Olympics! I hope everyone has a great time watching and supporting their countries!

I tag:

Yarravy @ Hiraeth For The Pages

Sakina @ A Forest of Books and Memories

Jordan @ Fridays And Books

Gracie @ Weasleys Wizard Reads

Camila @ A Devourer of Books

Candace @ Literary Dust

Emma @ Corn Reviews Books

But if you want to do this tag, I officially tag you! I would love it if you linked your posts back to this one so that I can see everyone’s answers!

Are you super hyped for the Olympics in Rio this year? Excited for any sports in particular? Like this tag, or hate it? Tell me in the comments! πŸ™‚

Stay bookish,




20 thoughts on “The Olympics Book Tag

  1. Oh and thank you so much! I’m glad you love the tag! And don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll continue with Throne of Glass because I’d really love to see how the story plays out! πŸ˜‰ plus, I love a book with lots of feels!


  2. Thank you so so much for the tag! I definitely am enjoying the Olympics so far πŸ˜‰ I agree with so many of these! The Darkest Minds series got my mind FIT from all that mind blowing and somersaulting and I also AGREE SO HARD for the Lunar Chronicles because the crew ❀ Where can I get a crew of friends like this one? And about the Throne of Glass series, I KNOW its intimidating ain't it? And EoS is BIGGER but NO FEAR, the series is BEAUTIFUL. Once you get started in Heir of Fire you won't be able to stop πŸ˜‰ All the books just have so many feels and I love it!

    Again thank you so much for the tag, I'll definitely do it soon! Really enjoyed this post! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this tag so much! It’s so creative! Thank you for tagging me! I also love the olympics. My dad and I have been watching them together since I was little. It’s such a fun few weeks that makes the world feel united. I can’t wait for them to start and to do this tag! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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